When is your breaking point? That is, at what point does a service or company do something that makes you choose that you can't support them for another minute? What action does this service have to take before you decide you're absolutely done with their bullshit?

If you're still using a service and tolerating actions that the parent company is taking that you don't support, you haven't reached your breaking point yet. You are still using the service. You may be anti-Google, but if you still willingly use Google services because of their convenience, you have not yet hit your breaking point. This isn't just an issue regarding user privacy; there are many unethical things that companies do against their users because they know that users will tolerate it, or even intentionally stay ignorant about the issues. How is this service moderated or what rules are enforced if any? How does this company treat its workers? What are the political affiliations of the people who run this company? How does this company see the emerging threat of climate change: as a global emergency, or as an opportunity to make money?

For me, I've hit my breaking point with big tech long ago. I refuse to support the unethical behavior of the majority of big tech companies, as they do a disservice to both myself, but also to other users, sometimes even if they too don't use the service.

Statistically, the majority of those who read this (admittedly probably no one, but let me make my point here) have not yet hit their breaking point with any massively popular service. The question comes back up now, if not now, when? How many more unstable privacy-violating updates does Microsoft have to push onto Windows machines? How much more does Apple have to censor its App Store in China and Hong Kong and openly support a tolitarian government before you begin to care? How much more waste needs to be produced as a direct result of companies like Apple lobbying against right to repair before you decide to take action? When does the nearly daily cycle of news against Facebook finally convince you that you don't need to use Facebook, Instagram, or Oculus? How close are you to your breaking point? If you haven't hit it now, will you ever hit it?