My name is Sebastian, and I'm a young hobbyist software developer, and also a human I think.
This site is a mess, might improve it or redo it later maybe.

Blog / Notes

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Older posts may not be reflective of my current opinions and beliefs.

Lua's Grammar is Ambiguous
TCC is the best C compiler
The FSF doesn't represent the free software movement
Neovim as a terminal multiplexer
Rules for the Rich
Your Breaking Point

Links and things

I make no promises about the stability or uptime of any services that I host. I do have a status page, though.

Seb Bin (Pastebin service powered by Fiche)
Seb Chat (Element. This is primarily targeted towards friends of mine with Matrix accounts on my homeserver.)
Seb Meet (Powered by Jitsi Meet)
Seb Translate (Powered by SimplyTranslate)
Sebsite Onion Service (Accessible via Tor)
I edit Wikipedia! (sometimes)
Reality Log (kinda personal)

I also host a private search engine, a Nextcloud instance, a Matrix homeserver, an email server, a fediverse (GoToSocial) instance, an IRC bouncer, and a Minecraft server. If you're interested in owning an account on any of these services for some reason, please contact me.

Contact Me

Email: sebastian at sebsite dot pw,
I also have a public inbox on (archive)
IRC: sebonirc on liberachat and oftc, seb on
Lobsters: sebastian ~sebsite
Wiimmfi: agentgray
Mario Kart Wii friend code: 1165-6477-5976

Projects and stuffs

TODO: I have a lot of projects but I have yet to set up a functional Git interface, so I'll get around to this eventually.
In the meantime, you can see some of my contributions to other projects on my page.