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TL;DR: Sebsite doesn't collect any data about you or your visits EVER. Software will only ever collect data if it is 100% ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the software to function, and currently that means never.

Sebastian believes firmly that you should never give away your personal privacy for convenience. That is why this site and associated software have absolutely no trackers, and no analytics tools. No data is collected from you EVER, unless it is absolutely REQUIRED for the service to even function. In these cases, there will be a separate disclosure on said software, with information on exactly what is collected and why. The data collected is only ever used to let the software do its job, and is never stored or used for any other reason. At the time of you reading this, there is NO software on Sebsite that collects or uses any data on you at all, although that may change in the future. If that happens, this privacy policy will reflect those changes. You can feel safe knowing that you are anonymous when using this site and Sebastian's software.

All of Sebastian's software is free-as-in-freedom, so you may inspect the code to ensure that it is private and anonymous for you. You may also copy, modify, and distribute new versions of software if you so wish.

In the event that this privacy policy ever changes (in any minor or major way), you will be notified on all Sebsite pages a week in advance before said changes take effect (you will not receive an email or message about the change, because that data is not stored, so notifying everyone would be impossible). This will give you enough time to read through the new privacy policy and make decisions on your use of Sebsite and Sebastian's software, as well as complain to Sebastian if you absolutely want to ;)

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