dihydrogen monoxide

this site looks like it wasn't updated since 2001, but there is so much effort put into this that it could be mistaken for a real thing that a real health organization created warning about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide.

forehead world recods

this is something that my friend and i somehow stumbled upon a while back. there's a man named peter durdik who holds hundreds of world records. every single one of them is of him balancing random objects on his forehead for a long time. i don't know what this guy does. i don't know who he is. i don't know if he has a life. all i know is that he is an absolute legend.

pointer pointer

move your cursor, and this site will show a picture of someone pointing to it.

surveillance camera man

i don't know how to feel about this. this video is very weird and unsettling. a man goes around with a camera and just records videos of random people. when they ask why he's doing it or what he's doing or ask him to stop, he calmly just says he's recording a video. it's his calmness that makes me uncomfortable. the people will yell or even call 911, and he'll just stand there and keep recording. it seems like the point he's trying to make is that there's surveillance cameras everywhere recording everything you do, and people are okay with that. so why aren't they okay with a random person walking up to them and recording them without permission? it's honestly an interesting point, however i'm still unsure about the ethics of this. i don't remember how i found this, but i'm glad i did, even if it made me uncomfortable. this person might be mentally ill, or they may be an intelligent person trying to make a valid argument. i suppose it can be perceived in many different ways.

svg tetris

hey did you know that svg files can have javascript embedded in them? like, the vector image format svg? yeah so 1. what the fuck, 2. why, 3. thats stupid, and 4. someone made tetris in an svg and i'm honestly in awe.