any browser campaign

this site is very outdated. it still talks about netscape and internet explorer being browser monopolies. however, the message still applies today, with chrome and chromium dominating the web. strive to make your website viewable with any browser, and even if you can't support every browser, don't bar people off from accessing your site just because of their browser choice.

bubbles right now

press the button to make an iot bubble maker blow bubbles for five seconds. really cool idea. one of those things that makes you think "damn i should've thought of that".

cookie clicker

everyone's heard of cookie clicker. however, i think this game is still underrated. it's still seen as that browser clicking game. the way i see it, it popularized the genre and still does it best out of all games. no annoying popups, no microtransactions, plus consistant awesome updates and cool game mechanics makes this a really fun game, weirdly.


created by the people who made the wiby search engine, ghostchat is an anonymous chat room thing that's designed to run in a web browser on low powered commputers. it uses an auto-refreshing frame to load messages. it's very inactive, but sometimes there's one or two people on. i wish it were more active though.


the original ms paint recreated entirely in javascript to run in your browser. it even has some extra stuff like uploading to imgur and collaborative editing.

plain text offenders

calling out websites that still store passwords in plain text in 2020.

six degrees of wikipedia

find the shortest possible route from one wikipedia article to another by only clicking the links in the page to other articles. this is super cool, especially when picking two relatively unpopular and unknown topics and watching how they connect to one another.

solitaire winning

click to win! and also to completely distract yourself from whatever you're supposed to be doing.


wiby is a really interesting search engine. it only searches sites that were manually put in, and the sites don't have any extra unnecessary css or javascript. it's basically a search engine for the old 90s to early 2000s web but in 2020, and it's really cool. it's definitely not something you'd want to use as your main search engine at all, but i don't think that's the point. there's a lot of stuff that can be found here that you may never find otherwise.


all programming languages suck. every single programming language in existence has something that can be criticised. both because almost everything is a tradeoff, but also because most languages have design flaws that simply weren't obvious when designing the language. that and the fact that people have personal opinions or whatever. but yeah, the first link is a collection of every reason why a lot of popular programming languages suck. also see the second link, which is an official list of design mistakes in css by the designers of css.