this site is so fucking cool. it's creative, it obviously has a lot of effort put into it, and the topic is really niche which i absolutely love. i just love that this site exists. it perfectly embodies what the internet should be.

bill wurtz questions

bill wurtz is a treasure as is. if you haven't heard of him, look him up. you won't regret it. his entire website is also awesome because of how it perfectly represents him while also being so damn simple. however, i specifically linked to the questions page because i love the concept (and it's executed really well). you ask a question, and he answers it in his typical bill wurtz style. you can scroll through all the questions and look into bill's mind. there's a button on the top right that lets you see random questions. bill is very active on this site and i sometimes find myself just mindlessly reading questions and answers on here. 10/10 highly recommend.

hi (onion service)


the premise of this "blog" is cool. there's really no good way for me to explain this, so if you have tor i'd recommend you visit. it's the exact opposite of what you'd expect to find on the "dark web".

kick scondor

this website looks...weird, to say the least. however, this guy is really cool and posts some cool projects and things and stuffs on this site. he also created, which is what inspired me to create this directory. so, thanks dude.


the personal site of the youtuber jan misali, which mainly acts as a hub for every reason that seximal is objectively the best numeric base.