#1: Get The Fuck Off of Google

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I found a post on r/YouShouldKnow today about YouTube's updating terms of service. (1) Basically, YouTube can now terminate the accounts of anyone they deem "not commercially viable". (2) This is terrible as is, and if you stop to think about this for 30 seconds, it becomes painfully obvious what YouTube has become, and where their priorities are.

A few days ago, many of Markiplier's fans' accounts were terminated because they spanned emojis in a live stream...something that Markiplier was encouraging them to do. Now, YouTube is refusing to restore these accounts. (3) YouTube is allowed to do this because it's their platform, and they don't give one flying fuck about you.

Here's the terrifying part though: This isn't just your YouTube account. This is your entire Google account. This is your email, your Google Drive, your Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It could be your photo library; it could be the hub for your goddamn house. If you're not commercially viable for YouTube, Google will terminate you off all of their services. If you spam emojis on a live stream, you will be cut off from all of Google.

From reading the comments of this post, it dawned upon me how dependant people's lives are on Google. People were discussing how everything they do online is in Google's ecosystem; and they don't know what they'd do if their account was terminated. This is what this post I'm making is really about.

Everyone, it's time to get the fuck off of Google.

Your life is dependent on a multi-billion dollar tech monopoly who will throw you under the bus with no thought whatsoever if there's money to be made. Your data and life is being collected and stored, because there's money to be made. (4) You are under Google's control. It's time to fight back.

If you use Gmail, let's start by getting the fuck off of that. I use Tutanota for my email, but there's many other privacy-respecting ethical email providers, such as ProtonMail. Here's a list. Look through, do some research, switch your email over, notify your contacts, and get the fuck off of Google.

Firefox has been superior to Chrome for over a year now. Why haven't you switched yet? Is it because Firefox is different and you don't want to change? Guess what fucko: Google is taking advantage of you, and is attempting to control your web browsing. Google is an advertising company. They want to get rid of your ad-blocker (and they're already starting to). (5) They're allowing you to be tracked. You are being tracked. Firefox is run by a non-profit organization that has tracking protection built-in to their browser. Treat yourself to some goddamn freedom online, and start using a faster less resource intensive and overall less shitty browser in the process. You're a human, not an opportunity to make a quick buck.

You've probably heard of DuckDuckGo; the privacy focused search engine. Why aren't you using it? Are the results noticably worse than those from Google? Guess what, taking back your privacy and freedom comes with sacrifices. You're mature; you're probably an adult. You can handle it. If you absolutely can't handle worse search results, surprise surprise, DuckDuckGo isn't the only option. Have you heard of StartPage? It's a privacy-first search engine that grabs its results from Google. Basically, it's a proxy to Google. At the very least, use this.

You don't even have to use YouTube for crying out loud. PeerTube is a decentralized federated alternative to YouTube. If you need to continue watching YouTube videos, use to do it. If you're on Android, stop using the YouTube app, and get NewPipe for all your video watching needs.

For every service Google offers, there's an alternative that you could be using. Do some research. Stop supporting tech monopolies. Stop putting your entire life under the control of a giant advertising company. The time has come to get the fuck off of Google.

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